Supporting the Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is placing unprecedented stress on our systems and challenging providers to implement innovative models of care. With Eko, we can aggressively respond with powerful telehealth and infection control tools while continuing to deliver best-in-class cardiac and pulmonary care.

Eko Enterprise

Wireless Auscultation

Digital Attachment

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ECG + Digital Stethoscope

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Eko Enterprise

Telehealth Solutions

Expanding access to care with best-in-class stethoscope & ECG live streaming and built in videoconferencing.

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Eko Enterprise

Infection Control Solutions

Maximal protection for E.D. clinicians, who are among the most vulnerable to infection during outbreaks.

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Eko is used at the following hospitals

Helpful Resources

Dr. Steve Pham

Stethoscope Lung Sounds

Learn how to screen for pneumonia with a stethoscope and know when to sequester and test for COVID-19.

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DUO Digital Stethoscope & ECG

Using Stethoscopes During COVID-19

Meet Dr. Becker, an Internalist who relies on the DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope to screen patients.

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Using a stethoscope with PPE

Using a Stethoscope with PPE

Learn how to safely use a wireless stethoscope with headphones and personal protective equipment.

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