Eko at ATA 2022

Come meet our team at ATA!

Visit us in person to hear how the most advanced stethoscope on the market sounds and how you can integrate it into your virtual care service.
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Schedule a Meeting

Our team at ATA is excited to share how you can:

  • Complete your virtual care services with auscultation sounds. Hear heart, lung, and other body sounds live-streamed as if you were at the bedside 
  • Easily deliver unparalleled sound, ECG, and AI-powered decision support directly through your telehealth solution - seamlessly integrated with your provider’s existing workflow. 
  • Turn every physical exam into an automated heart disease detection opportunity with Eko stethoscopes

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Get $50 off the stethoscope that works as hard as you.
Use code 'ATA22' through May 31st, 2022.