Case Study

Granville Vance: Caring in 4 Places at Once

As the sole physician overseeing four clinics, Dr. Guthrie leverages telemedicine to provide immediate care.
February 24, 2021

"At Granville Vance, Eko helps us increase access to primary care services without increasing staffing costs. We also lower the risk of no-shows for visits, which results in even more staff time used on following up and rescheduling."

Shauna Guthrie MD, MPH, FAAFP
On Site Medical Director

The Problem

Dr. Shauna Guthrie, Medical Director at Granville Vance Public Health, is the sole physician providing primary care at four clinics in North Carolina. Dr. Guthrie needs to leverage clinic-to-clinic telemedicine, so she can coordinate with her nursing staff and midwife to provide virtual care and assess patients from any location.

The Solution

Each Granville Vance clinic is outfitted with telemedicine technology. Eko software maintains a connection with the CORE Digital Stethoscope and continues streaming even when in the background of a video conference service like This feature allows for easy transition between applications during Granville's visits, ensuring they never lose connection and maintaining the fidelity of the live stream's audio quality.

The Outcome

With Eko, Dr. Guthrie can conduct more exams in real time and eliminate the hassle of follow-up appointments. She can easily determine the type and severity of a murmur or wheeze and address it with accurate advice and often reassurance to the family and/or a referral to a specialist. Adoption of telemedicine has also created a new billable service. Only a few visits a year would make this system cost-effective.