Case Study

Children's Hospital Colorado: Caring for Patients in Their Homes

Easy-to use stethoscopes and telemedicine software take the complexity out of patient visits

"The Eko stethoscope and streaming software delivers high-quality audio that powers telemedicine initiatives requiring the highest acuity."

Gerard Frunzi
Director Virtual Care

The Problem

Children's Hospital Colorado treats more children than any other hospital in the region, and their unparalleled care leads to outcomes that are amongst the best in the country. They specialize in treating everything from heart health, respiratory issues, to cancer treatment. The telemedicine department at Children's Colorado leverages virtual care to manage care at outlining clinics and in patients’ homes.

The Solution

The telemedicine department uses the CORE Digital Attachment because it can enable both pediatric and infant-sized stethoscopes to live stream heart and lung sounds. It is important that both stethoscopes and telemedicine software are simple to use for patient visits. Eko software allows for the telemedicine visits to be initiated with iPod Touches alongside telemedicine carts. Their telemedicine deployment includes:

  • Central Hospital Monitoring Clinics
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Vidyo Video Conference
  • JedMed Horus Scope and Lenses
  • CORE Digital Stethoscope
  • Eko Telehealth Platform

The Outcome

Subspecialty clinics have successfully used the Eko stethoscope in conjunction with the JedMed Horus scope over Vidyo Conferencing to take care of children from the remote parts of the state.