Eko at ANCC 2022 | October 13-15

Meet our team at ANCC

Visit our booth to hear how the most advanced smart stethoscope on the market sounds.
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Schedule a Meeting

Our team at ANCC is excited to share how you can:

  • Hear heart and lung sounds more clearly for critical patients in noisy environments.
  • Reduce unwanted background sounds with Eko’s sound technology, which provides up to 40x amplification and active noise cancellation.
  • Assess patients in the most challenging environments by quickly and confidently pinpointing cardiopulmonary conditions for more comprehensive care decisions.
  • Complete your virtual care services with auscultation sounds. Hear heart, lung, and other body sounds live-streamed as if you were at the bedside. 

ANCC Show Special

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Use code 'ANCC22' through October 31, 2022.

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