Introducing Eko AI

Screen like never before

The physical exam is now the gateway to confidently screen for heart murmurs and AFib, with Eko’s FDA-cleared algorithms.

Resetting the possibilities. Patients with valvular heart disease and AFib often go undiagnosed during the physical exam. Eko’s screening algorithms assist clinicians and entire health systems in detecting disease at the earliest point of care.

Better Screening

Deepen the diagnosis

Keep your workflow the same. The simple physical exam is now the gateway to the detection of heart murmurs and AFib, thanks to Eko’s FDA-cleared algorithms.

Manage Risk With Early Intervention

Stay one step ahead

The earlier we can identify conditions, the better care we can provide. Eko accelerates your ability to refer patients to specialists for timely diagnostic testing.

Research & Development

Measuring is believing

Research quantifies the impact Eko AI can have on cardiac assessment for a clinic or health system.

A cardiologist’s ears in every exam. The first digital stethoscope able to assist clinicians in identifying AFib and murmurs.

Detecting AFib

In a clinical study, the Eko AI was able to detect AFib with 99% sensitivity and 97% specificity when analyzing the 1-lead ECG tracing built into the Eko DUO stethoscope. The integration of ECG into the stethoscope enables providers to quickly screen patients for the significant arrhythmia during a standard physical exam.

Citation Source

Sensitivity and Specificity of AFib detection

With Eko AI



Up to 70-80%

*Cardiologists looking at single lead ecg

Detecting Murmurs

In a clinical study, Eko’s AI was able to identify heart murmurs with 87% sensitivity and 87% specificity, significantly higher accuracy than the average physician. Heart murmurs are a leading symptom of valvular or structural heart disease, which affects over 5 million Americans.

Citation Source

Sensitivity and Specificity of Murmur detection

With Eko AI




*General Practitioners detecting 
significant valve disease

We listen to providers. Combining advanced devices and FDA-cleared AI, Eko is built for your scope of care.